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A primary syphilis lesion is an ulcer known as a chancre. It is typically indurated, with a clean base and rolled edges, and develops an average of three weeks after infection (10 to 90 days). The.. The patient has a single large, painless, punched-out ulcer on the penile coronal sulcus. The ulcer has wide rolled edges and an indurated base and exudes a clear serous discharge. Mildrubbery, nontender, nonfluctuant inguinal adenopathy is noted on the right side. Other systemic examination results are normal. Laboratory studies

The diameter of the intraoral lesion on the lower left retromolar buccal plane was approximately 4 × 3 cm; the lesion presented as indurated base with a central superficial ulceration of 2 × 1 cm, indicative for a malignant process • Induration is felt at edge, base and surrounding area of an ulcer. • Induration at surrounding area signifies the extent of disease (tumour). • Outermost part of the indurated area is taken as the point from where clearance of wide excision is planned. 8. Classifications Classification I (Clinical) 1 c- indurated base d- all of the above e- non of the above 15- The edge of a malignant ulcer is: a- undermined b- rolled over c- punched out d- everted e- sloping 16- Precancerous lesions include

The classic chancre of primary syphilis is a painless ulcer with an indurated margin and a clean base called a chancre that develops at the site of inoculation an average of 2-3 weeks post-infection (Fig. 43.1 ). Solitary lesions are typical, but multiple lesions can occur black or brown in color and is attached to the wound edges and wound base Eschar - soft, boggy Soft necrotic tissue which is black, brown, grey, or tan in color. It may be firmly or loosely attached to the wound edges and wound base; fluctuance and drainage may be present. Adipose Layer of yellow globular tissue where fat is store

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Typically, a solitary, small firm red painless papule on the genital area quickly becomes a painless ulcer with a well-defined margin and an indurated base. Multiple chancres occur in 30% of cases. The initial ulcerated chancre may go unnoticed, particularly if hidden inside the vagina, cervix, mouth, or on the anal region • Typically painless, indurated, and has a clean base. • Highly infectious • Cartilage like consistency • Heals spontaneously within 1 to 6 weeks. • 25% present with multiple lesions. • Chancre also can develop on the cervix, tongue, lips, or other parts of the body. 2. Secondary syphilis: Medical Definition of indurated : having become firm or hard especially by increase of fibrous elements indurated tissue an ulcer with an indurated border More from Merriam-Webster on indurated

WOUND CARE TERMINILOGY ORGANIZATION FOR WOUND CARE NURSES | WWW.WOUNDCARENURSES.ORG 3 Exudate: Fluid from the wound that can be serous, sanguineous or purulent. Fibrin: A protein involved in the clotting process required in the granulation phase of healing. Fascia: Connective tissue that covers muscle and found throughout the body. Fibroblast: An important cell used in wound healing Nonindurated, painful with serpiginous border and friable base; covered with a necrotic, often purulent exudate Tender, suppurative, unilateral inguinal lymphadenopathy or adeniti Hardening of tissues of tongue, rectum, uterus, etc; ulcers with indurated base. Adapted to old people, especially bronchial catarrhs. Sensation of dryness and constriction SCC is a persistent ulcer in the oral cavity, which is of high importance especially on the lips. SCC is often asymptomatic; therefore, patients usually are not aware of it until it has become relatively progressive. The classic ulcerative SCC is described as a craterlike lesion having a rolled, indurated border and a velvety base (Figure 8) Indurated skin has a hard, resistant feeling. Induration is characteristic of panniculitis, some skin infections, and cutaneous metastatic cancers. Umbilicated lesions have a central indentation and are usually viral. Examples include molluscum contagiosum and herpes simplex

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The ulcer tends to be non-tender and usually has a well-defined margin with an indurated base; May be unnoticed especially if on anal skin or on the cervix or in the mouth; Incubation period 10-90 days (average 3 weeks). In about 30% of cases there may be multiple chancres; Inguinal lymph nodes are usually enlarged, rubbery and non-tende Clinical features: -The characteristic lesion in the primary stage is the chancre that appears at the site of inoculation, usually three weeks after the infection. - Oral chancre appears in about 5-10% of cases, and clinically presents as a painless ulcer with a smooth surface, raised borders, and an indurated base Granite, basalt, quartzite and indurated limestone or sandstone are examples of bedrock that are designated R. Air-dry or drier chunks of an R layer, when placed in water, will not slake within 24 hours. The R layer is sufficiently coherent when moist to make hand digging with a spade impractical Anogenital, single, painless and indurated with clean base, non-purulent. Can be multiple, painful and purulent (usually extra-genital) Resolve over 3-8 weeks (ii) Secondary syphilis. If primary syphilis is untreated 25% will develop secondary syphilis. Occurs 4-10 weeks after initial chancre. Multi-system. Signs. Rash. Widespread mucocutaneous; May be itch Cutaneous abscesses may occur anywhere on the skin, but are most common under the arms, at the base of the spine ( pilonidal disease) or around the genitals (for example, Bartholin abscess) and anus. An abscess usually presents as a hot, red, swollen and painful lump. It may lead to fever, swollen lymph nodes, and illness including potentially.

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  1. Unroof vesicle, rotate sterile Dacron/rayon swab firmly in base of lesion. Sample more than 1 lesion. Insert swab in viral transport medium. Syphilis Clinical - typically single painless well demarcated ulcer (chancre) with clean base/indurated border - may be multiple/painful (up to 30% co-infected with HSV) Diagnosis - Serology (nontreponemal.
  2. granular base. The exophytic form, verrucous carcinoma, is uncom-mon but has a better prognosis. The ulcer is often painless until it involves the periosteum, bone or deep mucosal tissues and, consequently, many patients pre-sent late with extensive disease and a poor prognosis. The key to management of this disease is early diagnosis and prompt surgi
  3. by William BOERICKE, M.D. Presented by Médi-T. ARSENICUM IODATUM. Iodide of Arsenic. Is to be preferred for persistently irritating, corrosive discharges. The discharge irritates the membrane from which it flows and over which it flows. The discharge may be fetid, watery, and the mucous membrane is always red, angry, swollen; itches and burns
  4. indurated. The surrotmding skin has no sensation. The cause may be spinal or leprosy or peripheral characteristic indurated base, which feels like a button. Lupus Vulgaris (Fig. 4.6).- Tt is a form of cutaneous tuberculosis, occurs commonly in the involved unless secondarily infected as the lymphatics are PAST HISTORY.- This is important as a few occur at the mucocutaneous junctions e.g.
  5. An abscess looks like a little bump or a pimple that can grow into an inflamed, fluid-filled cyst. The skin surrounding an abscess is often painful and warm to the touch. In some cases, an abscess can be extremely hard and firm (indurated).  
  6. The indurated firm base (black arrow) increased the level of clinical suspicion. The lesion was excised, histology confirmed an SCC . Download. Figure: 15. Chondrodermatitis nodularis helicis. Painful when lying on the affected ear / affects pressure points of the ear / less than 1cm diameter / slightly raised / tender

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Painless hard chancre (ulcer with indurated and punched out base) at site of inoculation, often in glans. Most common affected sites are inner foreskin, coronal sulcus, penile shaft and penile base. Chancres are usually solitary. Secondary syphilis: Bacteremic stage with greatest number of organisms in the body induration [in″du-ra´shun] 1. the quality of being hard. 2. the process of becoming hard; called also hardening and sclerosis. 3. an abnormally hard spot or place. adj., adj indura´tive. black induration the hardening and pigmentation of the lung tissue seen in coal workers' pneumoconiosis. brown induration 1. a deposit of altered blood pigment in. Widespread Indurated Plaques and Nodules. Widespread Indurated Plaques and Nodules. Widespread Indurated Plaques and Nodules Indian J Dermatol. May-Jun 2017;62(3):325-327. doi: 10.4103/ijd.IJD_597_16. South West Healthcare Warrnambool Base Hospital, Victoria, Australia. PMID:. Callous ulcer is a chronic nonhealing ulcer with hard indurated base and inelastic margins. It usually contains unhealthy pale granulation tissue.It may last for months to years and does not show any tendency to heal. These ulcers generally follows neurological problems like leprosy, peripheral nerve injury, or diabetic neuropathy

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The prostate is a gland of the male reproductive system. It is located in front of the rectum and just below the bladder, the organ that stores urine. The main purpose of the prostate is to produce fluid for semen, which transports sperm during the male orgasm. The prostate consists of a base, an apex, an anterior, a posterior and two lateral. Non-Adherent - easily separated from the wound base . Loosely Adherent - pulls away from the wound but is attached to wound base . Firmly Adherent - does not pull away from the wound base + Tissue Amount Describe in percentages (e.g., 50% of wound bed is covered with loosely adherent yellow slough; 50% beefy, red granulation tissue) Wound assessment includes: location, class/stage, size, base tissues, exudates, odor, edge/perimeter, pain and an evaluation for infection. Location Documentation of location indicating which extremity, nearest bony prominence or anatomical landmark is necessary for appropriate monitoring of wounds The main mechanisms behind venous ulcers are reflux, venous outflow obstruction, or the combination of the two. 5 Reflux is the most common reason, whereas obstruction is rare. Reflux and obstruction have the highest odds for skin damage. 6 Malfunction in the foot and calf muscle pumps by itself could cause ulceration, but it is most prevalent in patients with venous disease. 5 All the causes. PTOLEMAIC-ROMAN PERIOD, CIRCA 332 B.C.-100 A.D. Recumbent on an integral base, tail curled around the right hind leg and with incised mane, this statue was most likely once one of a pair, originally placed to act as guardian statues at a temple or tomb complex

Painless, solitary, indurated, clean base (98% specific, 31% sensitive) On glans, corona, labia, fourchette, or perineum. A third are extragenital in men who have sex with men and in women. Localised painless adenopathy. Secondary. Symptoms appear 2 weeks to 6 months (mean 2-12 weeks) after exposure. Can be concurrent with, or up to 8 weeks. Synonyms for based on include based upon, based off of, derived from, developed on, drew on, established on, formed on, formulated on, gleaned from and predicated on. Find more similar words at wordhippo.com The margins of the ulcers are irregular, with a shallow base. Lipodermatosclerosis may be present, a condition of the skin whereby it becomes indurated and fibrotic in a circumferential pattern, resembling an inverted champagne bottle. Neurotrophic Ulcers removed to expose the base of the wound, the true depth cannot be determined but it will be either a Stage III or IV. •Stable (dry, adherent, intact without erythema or fluctuance) eschar on the heels serves as the body's natural (biological) cover and should not be removed. 21 Source: National Pressure Ulcer Advisory Pane Evolves into a painle ss, firm ulcer with indurated borde rs and smooth base; Resolves spontaneously within 3-6 weeks, typically without scarring [4] Regional (usually inguinal) nontender lymphadenopathy; Secondary syphilis. Disseminated disease due to the systemic spread of the spirochetes, inducing an immunologic reactio

SCC of the base of the tongue usually presents at a locally advanced stage as an ulcerated, painful, indurated growth. Cancer of the hard palate often presents as a papillary or exophytic growth rather than a flat or ulcerated lesion U.S. Department of Health and Human Services; National Institutes of Health; National Cancer Institute; USA.gov; NIH... Turning Discovery Into Health

base level, karst. See karst base level. beachrock. A friable to indurated rock consisting of sand grains of various minerals cemented by calcium carbon­ ate; occurs in thin beds dipping sea­ ward at less than 15°. Also known as beach standstone. bed. A layer in sedimentary rocks; a stratum. bedding plane Signs of Stoma Problems. Discuss any of these signs with your doctor: The swelling does not decrease in the weeks following surgery or has a very large increase in size unexpectedly. The stoma is no longer beefy red or pink, but pale in appearance. The stoma is no longer moist in appearance or seems dry Geologic Maps of Maryland: Coastal Plain Rocks and Sediments. Geologic Map Legends. Lowland Deposits. Undifferentiated gray to buff sand and gravel, gray to brown lignitic silt and clay, occasional boulders, and rare shell beds. Surficial deposits occur as intercalated fluvial sands and marsh muds (e.g. in upstream floodplains of the Wicomico.

indurated at its edges, which become undermined. Asentinel pile is frequently seen at the lower margin of the fissure. tion tissue covering the base of the ulcer requires stimulation then the application of lotio rubra or scarlet-red ointment is indicated. 2. Cases with Sphinctric Spasm Syphilitic chancre: pink surface erosion, although limited, non-inflammatory, painless, indurated base. Le TPHA se positive vers le 7e j. le VDRL (test de Kline) vers le 10e jour. Chancre syphilitique : érosion superficielle rose, bien limitée, non inflammatoire, indolore, base indurée

The World Reference Base for soil resources Diagnostic horizons, properties and materialsg Soil is a 3-dimensional body with properties that reflect the impact of (1) climate , (2) vegetation, fauna, Man and (3) topography on the soil's (4) parent material over a variable (5) time span A man in his 60s presented with a 1-year history of a pruritic, dark red plaque on his right upper eyelid. No remarkable medical history was noted. Physical examination findings revealed a 4 × 2-cm erythematous, violaceous, indurated, scaly plaque with some papules on his right upper eyelid (Figure, A). Results of routine blood tests and. Cemented pans. In the Field Handbook a pan is defined as an indurated and/or cemented soil horizon and thus horizons such as Bcm, Bkm and Bqm could be interpreted to represent strongly developed B horizons, with consequent effects on the classification of some soils, eg.Kandosols and Tenosols. The Field Handbook also recognised that it can be difficult to determine if materials such as. Lesion with rapid onset, indurated inflamed base, critical sites, immunosuppressed patient or >1cm Urgent 2-week referral Lesion(s) Impalpable or barely palpable Lesion(s) palpable but not indurated Does the patient want treatment?No Multiple lesions Yes Single lesion OR Hyperkeratotic lesion(s Grayson Marl and Bennington Limestone (Early Cretaceous) at surface, covers 4 % of this area. ARDMORE-SHERMAN- Grayson Marl, marl, olive-gray, weakly indurated; thickness, about 25 feet. Bennington Limestone at base is moderately indurated, medium bedded; thickness, about 10 feet

base of the wound that can extend in any direction. 12 6 9 3 Wound Measurement. Wound Drainage/Exudate Note wound odor after wound cleansing Serous - clear to straw colored watery plasma Sanguineous - bloody Serosanguineous- blood Indurated - abnormally firm area. Moderately indurated caliche layer found in Lea County (photo by Cheryl Kent). Guide A-151 • Page 3 is chemically more available to crops when the soil pH is 6.0-7.0. Some of the micronutrients that may be limited in soils with caliche are iron, boron, zinc, an

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Learn more about erythema toxicum Pustules on an erythematous base.. Learn more about pityriasis versicolor Hyperpigmentation with scattered hypopigmentation and scale.. Learn more about tick bites Well defined erythema in the scalp.. Learn more about systemic lupus erythematosus Butterfly or malar violaceous raised erythematous rash across the cheeks and bridge of the nose Traduzione di indurated in italiano. The center of the rash usually becomes indurated (hardened) and is usually darker than the outer ring even in the absence of clearing in-between. Il centro del rash di solito diventa indurita (temprato) ed è più scuro l'anello esterno anche in assenza di compensazione in-tra Wound Base Assess tissue types: eschar, slough, granulation, epithelial Drainage/ Exudate Describe the: Amount of drainage (none, scant, moderate, or large) Color of the drainage Odor (none, mild, moderate, or strong) Moisture balance (surrounding skin is not wet; dressing is not adhered to wound base)

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Ameloblastoma. Ameloblastomas are benign epithelial neoplasms and represent about 10% of odontogenic tumors. These neoplasms develop from various sources of odontogenic epithelium, including dental follicular lining epithelium, and exhibit locally aggressive behavior (, 1).Ameloblastomas typically manifest in the 3rd to 5th decades of life but have also been reported in younger or older. The right lateral tongue of this patient demonstrated the presence of an indurated, painless ulcer of unknown duration. Diagnosis: Early-stage squamous cell carcinoma A 78-year-old female was evaluated for multiple macular pigmented lesions of the floor of the mouth and attached gingiva An indurated lump/ulcer (ie, a firm infiltration beneath the mucosa) A nonhealing extraction socket An ulcer or crust on the vermilion border of the lip lasting for over 3 weeks (rule out herpes simplex) A lesion fixed to deeper tissues or to overlying skin or mucosa Cervical lymph node enlargement, especially if hardness is present in a lymph. Herpes simplex viruses (HSVs) are DNA viruses that cause acute skin infections, evident as grouped vesicles on an erythematous base. HSV-1 usually occurs around the mouth or face (shown), while HSV-2 typically develops on the genitals, buttocks, or perianal area. [4] Infection results from transmission of body fluids onto a mucous membrane or open skin from an actively shedding individual to a. BASE STATUS: Is a ratio relating the major nutrient cations (Ca, Mg, K and Na) to the clay percentage in the soil. It is used as an indicator of soil fertility and is expressed in cmol (+) kg-1 clay. CEMENTED: Indurated substances such as humus, calcium carbonate and the oxides of silicon, iron and aluminium can bind soil particles together.

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  1. g a bruise
  2. A common cause is inflammation from arthritis or overuse injuries. Most swollen elbows will get better by avoiding the activity that is causing the pain, ice, wearing an elbow brace, and taking antiinflammatory medications to reduce swelling. 1. Olecranon bursitis
  3. Massive transfusion. A massive blood transfusion is defined as the replacement of a patient's total blood volume in <24 h. 2 The abnormalities which result include effects upon coagulation status, serum biochemistry, acid-base balance and temperature homeostasis. Coagulation. A massive transfusion of red blood cells (RBCs) may lead to a dilutional coagulopathy, as plasma-reduced RBCs contain.

Skin diseases on the nose are seen in a variety of medical disciplines. Dermatologists, otorhinolaryngologists, general practitioners and general plastic and dermatologic surgeons are regularly consulted regarding cutaneous lesions on the nose. This article is the second part of a review series dealing with cutaneous lesions on the head and face, which are frequently seen in daily practice by. In case of fistula around the an us a thorough slough on the floor These are from HISTORY 123D at Swedish College of Engineering and Technology, Rahim Yar Kha Firm / indurated on palpation Typically larger in size when compared to the contralateral side of the tongue Oral examination of a patient reveals an asymmetric 4 mm red nodule of the dorsal tongue base. The patient is asymptomatic and was unaware of the finding. Biopsy of the lesion is shown Sandstone is a consolidated sand.It is a very widespread and well-known sedimentary rock. It should be no surprise because sandstones make up 1020% of all sedimentary rocks and sedimentary rocks are by far the most common rocks at the surface (see more interesting numbers pertaining to sand in a post brain games with sand grains).. Sandstone is very often visibly layered by the WoundSource Editors Periwound skin management is just as important as wound bed preparation in wound healing. The goal of periwound management is to maintain an optimal moist wound healing environment while preventing skin breakdown and infection. Skin is more vulnerable in patients with certain comorbidities and conditions. Periwound skin breakdown is just one of the culprits that.

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The iron ore production has significantly expanded in recent years, owing to increasing steel demands in developing countries. However, the content of iron in ore deposits has deteriorated and low-grade iron ore has been processed. The fines resulting from the concentration process must be agglomerated for use in iron and steelmaking. This chapter shows the status of the pelletizing process. North Dakota, especially in the wondrously sculpted badland areas of the west, has a fantastic variety of concretions and nodules. Some are the size and shape of petrified logs, while others, perched atop pedestals of softer sediments that they shield from erosion, have lens or disk shapes. Some - like the classic cannonballs - are perfectly. Claystone is hardened or cemented (indurated) clay, which consists dominantly of fine material of which at least a major proportion is clay mineral (hydrous aluminum silicates). Shale is a laminated or fissile claystone or siltstone, in general more consolidated than claystone. Mudstone is a claystone that is blocky and massive Pilar cysts are fluid-filled lumps that tend to appear on the scalp. These lumps are usually harmless and often require no treatment, though they may be removed if they are causing discomfort Blue-green drainage combined with a musty odor usually indicates presence of Pseudomonas in the wound. Accurate wound assessment is a critical component of effective wound management, and requires solid observational skills, knowledge and judgment. Without correct assessment of the wound and skin, proper diagnosis and treatment cannot occur

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The recommended dose of STELARA® for pediatric patients (6-17 years old) based on body weight is shown below (Table 1). For pediatric patients weighing less than 60 kg, the administration volume for the recommended dose (0.75 mg/kg) is shown in Table 2; withdraw the appropriate volume from the single-dose vial eyelid. bronch-, bronchi-. bronchus (large airway that leads from the trachea (windpipe) to a lung) bucc-, bucco-. cheek. burs-, burso-. bursa (a small, fluid-filled sac that acts as a cushion between a bone and other moving parts) carcin-, carcino-. cancer

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Pappus either barbellate from the base, or plumose only at apex, or more or less subplumose at the base and barbellate at apex Plants more or less resinous; involucral bracts 4-8-seriate, graduated, more or less indurated, middle and outer with spreading green tips: Grindelia: Plants lacking the above combination of character Throw the base cap in the trash. You will not need to put the base cap back on. If you do, you could damage the needle or stick yourself by accident. 2b: Place the clear base flat and firmly against your skin at the injection site. 2c: While holding the clear base against your skin, turn the lock ring to the unlock position. You are now ready. This figure is a photograph of an indurated TST site being read using the ball-point pen method. A patient's forearm is facing upward on a flat surface. There is a quarter-sized area of induration (swelling) apparent in the middle of the inner aspect of the forearm, surrounded by a slightly larger area of erythema (redness) Burns, cuts, or injuries to the tongue can all cause swelling to occur, while exposure to spicy, sour, hot, or cold foods can lead to irritation. Infections. Viral, bacterial, and fungal infections — such as the cold and flu - can also make the tongue swell. Unhealthy habits. Cigarettes contain chemicals that can irritate your papillae Hard lump in anus. The anus is an opening in the lower part of the digestive tract. It's separated from the rectum (where stool is held) by the internal anal sphincter.. When stool fills the.

The Linton Ash is well exposed in the hills north of the town of Linton in Emmons County. The Linton Ash occurs in the lower part of the Fox Hills Formation and consists of 25 feet of fine grained, moderately indurated tuff. There is approximately 500 million tons of ash in a 4,000 acre area around Linton. (Photo by E. Murphy, NDGS) Meaning: ['hʌmbl] v. 1. cause to be unpretentious 2. cause to feel shame; hurt the pride of. adj. 1. low or inferior in station or quality 2. marked by meekness or modesty; not arrogant or prideful 3. used of unskilled work (especially domestic work) 4. of low birth or station (`base' is archaic in this sense) Necrobiotic xanthogranuloma (NXG) is a rare disorder usually associated with paraproteinemia characterized by large, often yellow, indurated plaques, accompanied by atrophy, telangiectasia, and occasionally ulceration. The most common locations are periorbital and thoracic

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common. Squamous cells are thin, flat cells that line the mouth and other organs. There are two types of tongue cancer: cancer of the oral tongue (the front two-thirds of the tongue that you can stick out is called the oral tongue) and cancer of the base of the tongue (the base is the back one-third of the tongue that extends down the throat) Carbonate-Indurated Material 1B4* 587 Coarse Fragments (2-20mm) 1B5 19 SK Preparation 1B5a 20 SR Preparation 1B5b 20 Whole Soil 1B6 23 Organic Material 1B7 25 CONVENTIONS Size-Fraction Base for Reporting Data 2A 29 Particles <2 mm 2A1 29 Particles <Specified> 2mm 2A2 29 Data Sheet Symbols 2B 29 PARTICLE-SIZE ANALYSIS Particles <2 mm (pipet. Indurated, perforated appendicitis. 2. Mildly dilated jejunum with no ischemic changes and inflammatory rind. There are some areas of mild bowel wall 2-0 Vicryl stick tie around the base of the appendix. 3-0 Vicryl sutures were then used to dunk the appendix to imbricate ove Hallowed Dragon is a weapon available in Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen. 1 Description 2 Usable By 3 Stats 4 Location 5 Enhancement Item Locations 6 Notes An archistaff once befouled by a dragon's curse, but since redeemed by exotic magicks. Its holy enchantment will shine forever. Can be obtained by purifying Bitterblack Weapon Lv.2. Dragon Scale Dropped by all Dragonkin (from the original. Breast lumps can result from: Breast cysts. If you find a breast lump that feels round, smooth and firm, it could be a cyst — a dilated milk duct filled with fluid. A breast cyst can be large or small, and the surrounding breast tissue may be tender. A breast cyst may appear before your menstrual period and get smaller or disappear afterward

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  1. Superficial soft-tissue masses are among the most common indications for imaging of the extremities. A broad array of benign and malignant processes may be manifested in palpable cutaneous or subcutaneous masses or nodules. Most such lesions are treated with surgical excision, but some may be conservatively managed
  2. Homeopathy Treatment for Endocrine disorder. Homeopathy is one of the most popular holistic systems of medicine. The selection of homeopathic medicine for Diseases of Glands is based upon the theory of individualization and symptoms similarity by using holistic approach. This is the only way through which a state of complete health can be.
  3. Arsenicum Album's clear-cut characteristic symptoms and correspondence to many severe types of disease make its homeopathic employment constant and certain. Arsenicum Album's general symptoms often alone lead to its successful application. Among these the all-prevailing debility, exhaustion, and Restlessness, with nightly aggravation are most.
  4. g less indurated with depth. Segregated carbonates do not line fractures in some pedons. COMPETING SERIES: These are the Yuvas and Redding series. Redding soils have base saturation of 35 to 75 percent in the A and Bt horizon and are gravelly or cobbly in the control section
  5. base of his penis and inferior scrotal sac (Fig. 1C). There was no evidence of conjunctival injection, perianal ulcers or active synovitis. Periungual erythema and telangiectasia were absent. Abdomen was soft and non-tender on palpation. No evidence of clinical pathergy was seen. A 6mm punch biopsy was taken from an
  6. - Indurated ulcer (chancre) forms at site of bacterial entry - Chancre usually deep with red, brown or purple base and irregular raised border - can resemble chronic traumatic ulcer, SCC, non-Hodgkin lymphoma - Development of painless regional non-suppurative lymphadenopathy - Lesion heals after few weeks if untreated and then goes into latent.

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The base of the ulcer is friable and can be covered with a gray or yellow, purulent exudate. Single or multiple ulcers can be present. Unlike a syphilitic chancre, which is painless and indurated, the chancroidal ulcer often is painful and non-indurated and can be associated with painful, inguinal suppurative adenitis (bubo) ipsilat

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